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      Decarbonizing the industry

      There is no question the world is warming. The only debate is how best to achieve net zero.
      Can we decarbonize the industry today? Can we drive the
      energy transition any time soon?

      Yes, we can, we must and we will.

      Our technology is proven to split CO₂ into elemental carbon and oxygen. It can be fitted to existing,
      carbon intensive, industriell processes. 

      There is no time left for hesitation or deferral. We need to act, to make a significant contribution
      towards net zero, quickly and efficiently.

      Join us now as an employee, investor, client or follower.
      Together let’s make tomorrow happen. Right from today.

      Christian Reimann
      CEO, VigorHydrogen


      The business model of VigorHydrogen will generate triple revenue streams: from decarbonization technology, from licensing the technology, and from sales of pure carbon as a byproduct of decarbonization. The technology is proven. This is a responsible and promising investment opportunity for me.

      There is finally a solution to decarbonize my fuelreliant processes. It keeps my business sustainable, reducing my environmental footprint, and saving money by purchasing less CO2- certificates. It also has a positive impact on my company’s image, employee motivation and attractivity.

      In working at VigorHydrogen I’m making a positive contribution to society, tackling one of the most urgent threats to nature and mankind. I’m part of a thrilling industrial project with international reach. I’m on a mission that is meaningful to me and that deserves my personal engagement.

      There is nothing more urgent today than to mitigate and halt climate change. Decarbonizing existing industrial processes is a necessary step towards net zero. These goals will be reached faster with VigorHydrogen’s decarbonization technology.


      The future of mankind relies on a CO₂-free energy economy. The decarbonization of current fossil energy sources and industrial processes is a crucial step towards this goal.

      VigorHydrogen provides technology to efficiently decarbonize industrial processes.

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